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Court Reporters, Why Choose To Work With Us?

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We Treat You Right!

Business has never been better and we need you! As a court reporter-owned agency, we understand the hard work court reporters do. We acknowledge that our success is largely dependent upon making our reporters successful. Our business is growing, and we are always looking to work with excellent court reporters.

We Provide:

  1. Quality work from excellent clients.
  2. Excellent page rates.
  3. Compensation for parking, mileage, and waiting time.
  4. Job flexibility. We try very hard to get you the jobs of your choice - where, when and the types of work you want.
  5. Internet communication. It's easy to turn in work! Transmit ASCIIs and worksheets via email.
  6. Technical support. Get experienced answers to questions regarding formatting, code interpretations, and more.

Call our Calendar Manager, Lori Lowery, at (888)566-0253.
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