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Court reporter can`t find her crackers

Posted on 2/5/2010

Funny video alert! Did you see this funny Saturday Night Live spoof of the wackiest court reporter ever to work in court? She can't find her crackers and types on a manual typewriter! Apparently some reporters are offended by this sense of humor. But I can't see why. Have a sense of a humor, people! Check it out and let me know what you all think. Everyone needs a good laugh now and then!

Comment by Gil
ok. but not THAT funny.

Comment by Kim Schroeder
I absolutely LOVED this spoof! Since I am an SNL faithful and the rest of the family is not, I was running around waking everyone up when it came on! I was dying laughing and very excited to see us being made fun of by SNL. NOW we`ve arrived!!! I thought, no matter how ridiculous, it draws attention to our profession....think of how many critical/derogatory spoofs, jokes, stories you hear about attorneys, yet they manage to keep churning them out of law schools w/ no impact on their profession. You know our world loves negative attention as much as positive (if not more)! And besides, it was a riot!! I would LOVE to do something whacky like this one day....heeeee heeee heee!

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