Remote Depositions

Despite the interruption of coronavirus/COVID-19, your depositions can still proceed using Zoom. Essentially, Zoom is an easy-to-use and free app that allows for secure and remote meetings to happen -- in our case depositions. And as long as both parties of the case stipulate to it, even a party witness like the Applicant does not need to be in the same room as the reporter! To discuss your Remote Deposition options with us, call (888) 566-0253 or email

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I'm going to use this page as a resource for clients and freelance reporters to learn about the particulars of doing Remote Depositions. This resource list will be added to from time to time. Please check back for any updates. Last Update: 3/28/2020

BREAKING NEWS (3/27/2020)
Governor Gavin Newsom just signed an executive order suspending CCP 2025.310(b), allowing for flexibility in remote depositions by waiving the requirement that a party must be physically present with the depo officer.
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Helpful how-tos for remote depositions

Guidance from the Deposition Reporters Association
- Getting an admissible transcript remotely
-The black letter law on California Remote Depositions & Options
- Civil Procedure section 2025.310
- 2019 California Rules of Court: Rule 3.1010. Oral depositions by telephone,videoconference, or other remote electronic means
- California Code of Civil Procedure section 2093(b)

March 19, 2020
Update from CalDRA on COVID-19, Remote Reporting and Next Steps Forward

Jamie Asbury's Remote Reporting Guide:
What Equipment, Best Practices, Attendee Checklist, Troubleshooting

TOA Storytellers Podcast
Listen now to Todd Olivas' podcast featuring Jamie Asbury, Vice President of the Deposition Reporters Association of California. We speak about the rise of Remote Depositions given the current coronavirus environment. To listen, simply find “TOA Storytellers” on your favorite podcast app (Apple, Android, Spotify) or visit

Some Reporters Are Reading Statements Like These On The Record


Before we proceed, I will ask counsel to agree on the record that under the current National Emergency pursuant to Section 319 of the Public Health Service Act, there is no objection to this deposition officer administering a binding oath:

to the witness remotely
to the witness by phone
to the witness by videoconference
to the witness not appearing personally before me

Please state your agreement on the record.

EXAMPLE VERBIAGE 2Good morning/afternoon.

My name is {CSR}. I am a California certified stenographic reporter, CSR Number {#}.

(optional): Due to the current National Emergency of the COVID-19 virus, this deposition is being handled via remote means.

Today’s date is {day}, {month} {#}, {year}, and the time is approximately {time}.

This is the deposition of {name} in the matter of {case}. This case is venued in the {court}. The case number is {#}.At this time I will ask counsel to identify yourself, state whom you represent, and agree on the record that there is no objection to this deposition officer administering a binding oath to the witness via Zoom. Let’s start with the noticing attorneys...

EXAMPLE VERBIAGE 3We'll go on the record now. I'm not in the same location as the witness. Is there any objection to my administering the oath remotely?

[insert colloquy here ] - or [no audible response from counsel]

Hearing no objection, I'll now swear in the witness...


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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

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  Comment by Sharon McDaniel | Friday, March 20, 2020
Damn, you`re awesome! Thanks so much for compiling all this great info and sharing it. I just sent it to all the reporters we are currently working with!

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