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Quiz Central - Tons Of Legal Quizzes For Fun & Learning

legal quiz central for court reporting students, working reporters, and even law firm staff
Want to test your knowledge about court reporting or law?
Well, here's the mother of all online legal quizzes -- Quiz Central -- designed to test your mettle with value-packed questions covering all corners of the court reporting and law universe from beginner to advanced.

Each time you take the quiz, the questions are randomized. So feel free to take them over and over until you've mastered that subject!

Who These Quizzes Are For:
  • Court Reporting Students
  • Working Court Reporters
  • Paralegals
  • Legal Secretaries
  • Attorneys wanting to brush up on deposition taking
  • Anybody who is interested in court reporting or law
Court Reporting Quizzes
These quizzes are designed for the CSR candidate court reporting student (or working professional desiring to brush up!) who is interested in understanding the official aspect of their role as the court reporter. There are 58 superior courts in California -- one for each county -- and each one may have its own rules and procedures. It will be your job as the official court reporter to follow the specific guidelines of your particular court. These quizzes are designed as a way to test generalized knowledge about court procedures. Good luck!

How Successful Will I Be as a Freelance Court Reporter? (14 questions)
Is freelance court reporting right for you? Just how successful is this field going to be for you? Take this quiz to find out in what percentile you rank! Created: 6/25/2008

Legal Words Spelling Quiz (14 questions)
Speling a word wrong is a gud way to make poeple feel sory for ya! Created: 12/11/2009

Punctuation For Court Reporters (13 questions)
What's so important about punctuating transcripts? Turns out, a whole lot! Created: 9/15/2009

California Minimum Transcript Format (17 questions)
Better make sure you know the formatting standards in California. Test your knowledge of California's Minimum Transcript Format Created: 5/12/2009

California Deposition Stuff (10 questions)
Stuff you're going to need to know if you plan to do depositions in California… Created: 9/23/2008

Continuing Credits For Nevada Court Reporters (14 questions)
Did you know that in order keep your license in Nevada that you are required to get continuing education credits? Take this quiz to test your knowledge and don't let your license lapse! Created: 6/24/2008

34 Most Commonly Misspelled Words (34 questions)
What words do you commonly misspell? Take this quiz to test your spelling prowess. Many folks spell a word in a way other than the (one) accepted standard -- thus the words on this list make the distinction between "standard" spellings on one hand versu Created: 6/11/2008

The 10 Commandments of Professional Ethics (18 questions)
The Code of Professional Ethics as cited by the NCRA defines the ethical relationship the public, the bench and the bar have a right to expect from a court reporter. Take this ethics quiz an Created: 4/8/2008

Court Reporter's Notes Storage - How Long? (13 questions)
How long should a court reporter hold his/her notes? What are the rules about note storage? Take this quiz (which applies to California rules) and test your knowledge. Created: 1/10/2007

Deposition Basics (18 questions)
What's the purpose of the admonition? What is a stipulation? What do you do if … ??? Created: 12/28/2007

Ready? Set? Depo! (30 questions)
So you're at the deposition. What next? This quiz is all about introducing yourself, confirming the identities of all the parties, getting a case caption, and more. Created: 11/20/2007

When Can The Court Reporter Interrupt? (10 questions)
As a court reporter, your primary job is to protect the record. And no one but you can do it! What are the appropriate times you can interrupt? Take this quiz to find out! Created: 11/19/2007

Glossary of Legal Terms (32 questions)
Colloquy, voir dire, and surrebuttal are just some of the legal terms that you as the court reporter will be expected to know. Created: 10/31/2007

Getting Ready For Your First Deposition (24 questions)
Take this quiz to find out if you're really ready to take that plunge! Identifies what you need at the deposition from attire to attitude. Good luck First-Timers! Created: 10/29/2007

The Sequence of Events In A JuryTrial (15 questions)
Do you know what order things happen in a jury trial? Does the Plaintiff present opening statements first or is it the Defendant? Take this quiz to test how well you know this and other trial sequence information. Created: 10/29/2007

Who's Who In The Courtroom? (11 questions)
Court reporters work closely with the other people in the courtroom. How well do you know the team? Created: 10/29/2007

Which Court Is Which? (20 questions)
Studying for the CSR exam? Take this quiz to see how much you know about the various levels of courts and their definitions. Created: 10/29/2007

Court reporting quiz central

Disclaimer... Fine Print... Blah Blah Blah
We've tried hard to create these quizzes to be true and accurate according to our source reference materials. If your source materials can beat up our source materials -- by all means -- we want to know about it so contact us! Also, these quizzes are merely intended to be fun rather than educational. Please do not rely on these quizzes as your single source for this information. We offer these quizzes "as is" and make no claims that you will pass the CSR or any other exams based on the information contained herein. Thanks!

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