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Scopist & Proofreader`s Corner

Posted on 1/14/2008

Updated 1/16/08
I get lots of inquiries from scopists around the country about working with me and my court reporters.  It's clear from my full email inbox, however,  that I'm not very efficient at responding to each and every one that I would like to.  It's getting harder and harder to give everyone the time and attention they deserve.  So I've decided to add this page -- Scopists' Corner -- to the site in an effort to be able to post people's information and share these scopists with the rest of steno-dom.

Obviously, I haven't worked with them all so I'm not vouching here.  Just sharing...

Jennifer Guerra
I am a proofreader in the San Diego, California area. Although I am in San Diego and because of our wonderful technology that we have today, it allows me to work with any court reporter in any part of the country. Currently, I have court reporters that I proofread for in San Diego, Los Angeles, South Carolina, New York and Boston. I love proofreading.  I have been a proofreader for several years. I am also a legal assistant in a prestigious law firm in San Diego. Court reporters send me their depositions via e-mail, I proofread the depositions and then send the corrections back to the court reporter via an errata sheet. Reply email: jmmproofreader (at) yahoo (dot) com

Anna Moody
annamoody85 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Heidi Dillon
My name is Heidi Dillon and I am seeking employment as a scopist and/or proofreader. Although I have been scoping and proofreading for the past three months, I have 19 years experience in the legal field. I was a paralegal for 19 years and enjoyed it. Recently, however, I completed the Phoenix Theory with the Assistance of a mentor and have discovered the joy of working from home for court reporters. I’m a fast learner, hard worker and have a great turn around time. I am attentive to detail and I listen to audio line by line. It’s important to me to produce a great product and have my work in on time. I use Case Catalyst along with Express Scribe. I also have high-speed Internet and can easily be reached by telephone for a rush job. If I sound like the kind of person you need, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you. Reply email: hhjdillon (at) yahoo (dot) com

Reba Burgess
I have been a scopist for 10 years, and would love to make your life easier as a reporter.  My software is Digital Cat, and I worked directly with the designer of the software as his scopist until he temporarily moved to Florida.  In his office, I also worked as his editing manager with gaining experience getting his depositions copy ready that was invaluable.  I've had two years in court reporting school, and love working from home.  I listen to all transcripts unless instructed not to, proof for accuracy, and I'm willing to do it your way. Expedites are not a problem! Contact me at rebaburgess (at) verizon (dot) net as I check my email several times daily.

Comment by ChrisCSR
I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to find your site. It’s amazing not just your business & excellent website but that you are right here in Folsom! I’m beside myself.

My question is how much are proofreaders charging these days? When I was in school I charged the CSRs something like 25 cents a page. When I was a scopist I think my friends paid me by the hour so I don’t have any idea what’s generally accepted these days so any info would be really useful.

Comment by Jennifer Benci
I am a court reporting student looking for scoping work. I currently live in New York, but I am looking to transfer to a court reporting school in California in order to finish and take the CSR exam. I am currently at 200 wpm. I have also been a proofreader for 3 years. If anyone is interested please email me at

Comment by Claudette Duncan
I recently completed a scoping training program taught by Judy Barrett of Scoping Careers Int`l. With 18 years of experience as a registered nurse, coupled with a degree in Journalism, I am well suited to become your scopist. I use Case CATalyst9, have high speed internet, can assist you with file transfer, use audiosync, Express Scribe and Microsoft Word. I have a fast turnaround time and promise quality work. email me at

Comment by Nancy Roy
My name is Nancy Roy and I am located in Oklahoma. I have been a scopist for over 20 years. I also have a degree as a paralegal and worked for attorneys for 15 years. I am on Procat. I am just looking for some additional work as one of my reporters retired. My work is excellent and I have a fast production time. Thanks! You can contact me at 405-826-4557 or

Comment by Carrie Garrison

I am a scopist currently working on criminal court trial cases, but I would like to increase my work load. I read multiple stenotype theories; *Stenograph Computer *Philadelphia Clinic *Herman Miller *Berry Horne and *Merrit. I have extensive training in legal and medical terminology, punctuation and research. Reference available upon request. I use Case Catalyst 9 W/ Audio. I look forward to working with you!

Please e-mail me with inquiries.

Phone & Fax: 541-488-7729

Fees Negotiable

Comment by Karen
I am a current CSR turned scopist. I am on DigitalCAT and Case. I am looking to add one or two full-time reporters to my client list. Please e-mail me with any inquiries. Thanks!

Comment by Laurie Starkweather
Hello, We are a scoping agency seeking new reporters to work with. Please view attached resume’ for further details.

Thank you, Laurie Starkweather

Laurie Starkweather
Professional Scopist

I am an honest, dedicated and hardworking individual. I`m conscientious and thorough in my work. I have extensive experience in the court reporting and scoping fields. I take tremendous pride in the quality of my finished product.

Court reporter from 1987-2002 working as a freelance court reporter for ARI Reporting in New York, NY. Moved to Florida in 2002 where I opened a scoping agency with four girls who were trained under my supervision.

Fluent in many notereading theories. • I work with Wordperfect, Premier Power and Case Catalyst. • I can type using Expresscribe and/or reel to reel. • Proofreading • Audiosync

Every transcript, after being transcribed is then printed out for a final proofreading. A great amount of effort goes into each and every transcript I produce. I would welcome the opportunity to be able to work for you.

I do criminal, medical malpractice, liability and hearings. Our expertise is very broad, so feel free to inquire. • We are physically located in Florida, but through fax and e-mail we are capable of doing work from all states.

Prices vary according to the type of work. Rates start at $1.00 per page.

Reply email:

Comment by Melissa Yamagata
I am a court reporting student looking for scoping work. If anyone is interested, please email me at

Comment by Shari Bromell
I am an RPR court reporter. I worked in the Orlando, FL, area for about ten years. I then stepped out of court reporting to homeschool my children until this current school year. I am working on speed-building to get back into the industry. I am looking for proofreading work via email or in person in the Atlanta area. I currently have ProCAT software. Please contact me at

Comment by Sharon Kendall
I am a court reporter with 19 years of experience, looking for scoping work. Over the years I`ve covered just about every type of work you can imagine, with an emphasis on medical/technical work. I will be happy to handle regular delivery, expedited or daily. No audio, full audio, spot listen, it`s up to you. I`m on CaseCatalyst V. 4. Feel free to contact me at

Comment by Barbara Minor
I am a proofreader and a resident of Los Angeles, though with e-mail, my address is inconsequential. For the past 18 years, I combined full-time teaching with freelance proofreading. Having recently retired from teaching, I am hoping to increase the number of court reporters I work with. Please contact me at for further details about my rates and turnaround time.

Comment by grace solorio
I am a court reporter with 13 years of experience under my belt. I recently had a baby and have decided to take a break from the field for a few years. In the meantime, I would love to provide my proofing and scoping skills to help other reporters that need my services. I am extremely flexible and professional. I know what it takes to produce an accurate transcript. I am on Stenocat 32. I have great rates and turnaround time. I am willing to take on all types of cases. Feel free to e-mail me for further details or any suggestions at Thanks for your consideration.

Comment by Linda OHearn
I am an Eclipse scopist currently seeking additional work. I worked as a CSR/RPR in the Chicago area for two years followed by more than 25 years as a legal secretary, legal transcriptionist and medical transcriptionist. I have experience in a wide variety of depositions, hearings and arbitrations. Since September of 2008, I have done overflow scoping for a freelance reporter in California and an official in Arizona. I have a T3 account for file transfers, Searchmaster software and utilize Morson`s English Guide for Court Reporters. I will scope with full audio, spot checking, or no audio. I can be reached at

Comment by Marlene Musgrave
I currently have the ProCAT software and have been a scopist for 26 years. I have also been a legal secretary and have nursing training. I have extensive experience in medical, oil and gas, and technical depositions. I always scope with full audio, unless directed otherwise, and will adapt my punctuation to your style. References will be provided upon request. If you feel that I can be of assistance to you, please contact me at (405)210-8153 or

Comment by James Wells

We are proofreaders in the Orange County, California area. We work with with any court reporter in any part of the country. Currently, We have court reporters for whom we work in California and Virginia. My wife and I have been proofreading for 12+ years for as many as 10 CSRs at a time. My wife was in charge of the proofreading department of 16 proofreaders for a prestigious deposition firm in Orange County until it was sold. Court reporters send us their depositions via e-mail, we proofread the depositions and then send the corrections back to the court reporter via an errata sheet. You will like our work and we can provide references on request.

Reply email:

Comment by Nanci Nelson
I have been a court reporter for 10 years but health conditions have had me in the workers` comp & PI arena for years. I can`t work right now taking depos, so I am available for editing. I have Case Cataylst. Please let me know if you are interested at

Comment by Joyce Preusser
I am a scopist using CaseCAT and DigitalCAT software. Complete information about me, my training, rates, and more is available on my Web site at I am available for part-time or full-time work.

Joyce Preusser

Comment by Ashle Finch
My name is Ashle Finch, and I am a well-trained scopist in the DFW area of Texas looking to add to my workload. I already have two part-time reporters and am looking to add either a full-time or additional part-time reporters. I have had extensive hands-on training from an experienced scopist. I have excellent references that are available upon request.

Prior to scoping, I worked for seven years as an escrow officer for fee attorney offices and title companies. Prior to that, I worked as a legal clerk for a family law attorney. This experience lends me a great attention to detail. I enjoy the elements of research, grammar, spelling, and proper punctuation that are a part of scoping, and will put my enthusiasm for this line of work into action for you!

I have the latest version of Case Catalyst and have audio software that allows me to accept ANY audio file. I prefer to always scope with audio. I have very reasonable rates and turn-around times. I will be someone you can depend on!

My rates and turn around times are VERY reasonable and I will forward them immediately upon request.

Comment by Sheriece
Hi, my name is Sheriece Richard and I am currently a 200 wmp court reporting student in Downey, California. I am expected to graduate sometime next year. But while Im still in school, I would love to scope with a court reporter until I am finished with school. It will give me an opportunity to learn more. Email me:

Comment by Anne Brown
I have been through machine and voice writing school and have always wanted to be a scopist. I have no experience as a scopist but am a fast learner and as i said I have been through court reporting school, and currently work for a court reporting agency. I would like to be given the opportunity to become a full/part-time scopist. Thanks!
Anne Brown

Comment by Nancy Roy
I have recently updated in the last year and now am on Case and Procat. I have been scoping and proofing for over 20 years and have a degree as a paralegal. I worked for attorneys for many years and have worked in all areas of the law. Nancy Roy, 405-826-4557,

Comment by Dottie Coombs
I am a Case CATalyst scopist looking for work. I am a graduate of Scoping Made Affordable and have been a medical transcriptionist for 15 years. I scope to audio. I am meticulous, hardworking, easy to work with, and easy to reach via iPhone. I know medical terminology! Email me for info and rates.
Dottie Coombs

Comment by Natalie Lau
If you`re looking for a scopist to do a daily or expedited job, you`re looking for me! I work best under pressure. I have over 7 years of experience, an MBA and extensive experience with all kinds of testimony, including medical and technical depositions. I`m always on the latest version of CaseCATalyst and love AudioSync.

Visit my website, then text, call or email me to find out about my low rates!

Comment by Theresa Seman
I have completed training as a scopist through Scoping Careers International. I use Eclipse with audio sync, and also have Express Scribe.
I worked in the legal department for 16 years as a secretary and legal assistant. I`ve done transcription of briefs and reports, editing, and proof for clarity. I`m familiar with cases in civil, criminal and arbitration.
My background not only includes the legal arena but also knowledge in English grammar, medical terminology, and pharmacology. I have access to a number of web sites as well as reference books.

I`m ready to scope for you and to discuss details of working arrangements as well as personal preferences with regard to transcript preparation. My email address is

Comment by Lisle Dewar
Hi, my name is Lisle Dewar, and I am a court reporter with 24 years` experience. I would now like to work from home proofreading transcripts, a task that I actually enjoy doing! If you find yourself in need of some free time and do not like proofreading your transcripts, please contact me at My rates are comparable to those in the Los Angeles area, and I know the importance of deadlines. I strive for perfect grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Please contact me if you could use my services. I would be happy to assist you!

Comment by nancy roy
I have been working with reporters for 27 years. I do scoping and proofreading. I have a degree as a paralegal and worked many years for attorneys. Beyond The Scope, Nancy Roy,, 405-826-4557

Comment by Yuliya Hayes
I am a new scopist. I worked as a paralegal and have experience in medical field. I am looking for someone who is willing to geve newbie a chance. I use Eclipse.
Yuliya Hayes,, 215.820.6625

Comment by Melissa Hoye
Hello! I am an Eclipse scopist available for full-time, part-time or overflow work. I offer competitive rates and I am willing to go that extra mile with your transcripts. Proficient steno reading skills, will research unusual spellings and terms while reading for context and puncutation. I am fairly new to scoping, and am looking to build a long term relationships with one or two reporters.
Melissa Hoye

Comment by Karen
I am a scopist working with CASE CAT. I also have Olympus Player Pro Digital player. Please contact me to discuss possible work.

Comment by Debra Holm
Hello. My name is Debra and I am a former court reporting student who switched to proofreading and scoping after surgery on my “vowel” thumbs. Being an avid reader, I’ve found that I really enjoy this new direction, so things worked out for the best! While attending South Coast College I excelled in English and vocabulary classes. In addition, I have successfully completed training with Scoping Careers International and read several forms of steno.

My previous career as a graphic designer has provided me with strict attention to detail, an appreciation for meeting deadlines, and a high level of computer literacy. During the last ten years of my design career, my responsibilities included proofreading magazines, brochures, and web sites. Yes, the rules are a bit different with regard to court reporting, but a typo is still a typo.
I proof for content as well as for punctuation and grammar, research all medications, diseases, legal terms, addresses, and anything else you request.

Comment by Cathy
I am a scopist with 26 years experience and need to add a few new reporters to my client base. I have worked on every type of transcript and have also a strong background in criminal, having worked in Superior Court for several years processing criminal documents. I`m excited at a new adventure and look forward to your email.

Comment by Giseli Souza
I`m looking to find one more court reporter to work for. I currently work for one but the work load is not ideal yet. I have case catalyst 12 and can provide references if need it. I live in Orange County, CA email if interested.

Comment by Melinda Jennings
I am a retired court reporter with 20 years` experience who is now proofreading for other court reporters nationwide via the Internet. I reported for almost 20 years in Dallas, Texas. I specialized in toxic tort, medical malpractice, and a myriad of other types of litigation.

I have been proofreading for 6 years now. I love relieving my clients of their stress and allowing them to have more time to enjoy life.

I have CastCAT software and DigitalCAT software. I also read text files and use errata sheets for any other types of software.

Please feel free to contact me at or 281 451 8623


Comment by Nancy Roy
I have worked as a scopist full time for over 20 years. I am on Procat and listen to full audio. I also do proofreading for reporters on any software. I have a degree as a paralegal and worked for several years for attorneys. I am very adept at oil and gas, medical malpractice, product liability and have done hundreds of expert witness testimony in all areas of the law. Beyond the Scope. Nancy Roy, 405-826-4557,

Comment by Melissa Murillo
I am a court reporting student looking for a job in this field. I am currently at 200 wpm. I live in Fresno CA. If you are interested please call me at 1-559-743-5538.

Comment by Jessie Edwards
Hi, I have six years scoping under my belt and am looking to increase my workload. I mainly have deposition experience, but also have some trial. I`ve scoped any kind of deposition transcript you can think of. I`ve worked on attempted murder, drug trafficking, child abuse, sex crimes trials, among others. I have a three to five-day turnaround, frequently quicker than that depending on the transcript size and difficulty. I strive to be efficient, reliable and timely. Please contact me if you have a need for a scopist. jessiebrianne at

Comment by Mary Pentangelo
Hi there, I am in need of a proofreader. I have steady transcripts coming in and need someone reliable and experienced in deposition transcript editing. I`m looking at 25 cents a page since I will be submitting a range of 3 to 7 transcripts a week. I submit my transcripts by PDF and have them sent back the same with corrections inserted into the file. If interested, please contact me at 805-835-3484 or

Comment by Melissa Snyder
If you need scopist work, please contact me. I have been a reporter for five years doing my own work. I use the CaseCATalyst software. E-mail me at

Comment by Lorie Brunjes
If you like what you get back, we`ll work from there. Send me your backlog and I`ll scope it.
I`m an ex-reporter with 10 years of freelance deposition experience. Grammar, spelling and pumctuation are my middle names, along with attention to detail. I have been scoping for various reporters for the last 16 years and am hungry for new work. Turnaround time is as you request and rates are reasonable. e-mail me at:

Comment by Jesse Crowe
If you’re looking for high quality and affordable StenoCAT 32 scoping for your transcripts, you’ve come to the right place. I give each and every transcript the attention and personal service it needs to be error free and as close to preparation for printing and binding as possible. Internet research is performed as necessary on all transcripts regardles of cost to make your transcript nearly perfect. I have 10 years of experience in all types of trials and depositions including medical malpractive, legal proceedings, asbestos and other workers` comp ... you name it! If you use InSync, your transcripts will really shine and be scoped completely with audio for no additional charge. Let me ease your workload today! Visit my professional website at or email me now!

Comment by Darlene Cook
I am a freelance scopist/proofer/transcriptionist. I have 32 years of experience in the legal field and am available for overload, holiday relief, or recurring work. I live in Canada but have several clients in the United States, which works great with the internet!! Feel free to contact me at or 403-279-3618

Comment by Karen
I am a scopist using the latest version of Case Catalyst. I can also do proofreading. I am knowledgeable in medical terminolgy and read steno. Please contact me at for more info.

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