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cerritos-california-court-reporting-school.jpgNot far from our Cerritos Deposition suite is Cerritos College where I was asked to speak earlier this week. As I said publically that day -- Cerritos College of Court Reporting is absolutely the most lively and spirited group of court reporting students that I have ever witnessed. [I've spoken at court reporting schools through California so I know of whence I speak.]



Allow me to be honest... I have never had such a good time speaking at any event (court reporting related or not) in the entirety of my speaking career. The people there were just so nice and friendly and fun. Seriously. This is a school that seems to really be a family. Everyone who attends Cerritos seemed to really be supportive of each other and their school. I spoke at a CSR school elsewhere earlier this year (which shall remain nameless, of course) that seemed to be dead. Grim faces. Nobody laughed or even so much as cracked a smile. Not here at Cerritos. I was actually considering re-enrolling as a court reporting student just so some of their joy would rub off on me. Ha ha. Just kidding. But they were a lot of fun.cerritos-court-reporting-class.jpg

Thank you! Mary Balmages,
Department Co-Chair of the Court Reporting Department

Thank you! Vykki Morgan, Department Co-Chair of the Court Reporting Department

Their Court Reporting Club was having a potluck on the day that I was speaking. Sorry too that my cell phone takes just horribly bad quality photos. These snapshots do absolutely no justice to their school :(


cerritos-court-reporting-flyer.jpgStill, my speech seemed to go exceedingly well. They actually -- get a load of this -- they actually laughed at some of my jokes. What a concept! On the speaker evals that I got back, one person actually wrote, Hilarious! There's nothing that makes me more stoked about doing these court reporting school speeches than to know that it wasn't a waste of time and furthermore that it was an enjoyable hour or so. Most of the students gave me an excellent rating, stating that my handouts and topic were both useful and interesting.

(Thank you! Because I've spent considerable time improving it since my early days!)

Once again, the only real negative comment on my speaker evaluations was that I should talk longer. But as I always say, I'd much rather leave them wanting more than wanting less. Also, I got asked a question during the Q & A that I've never been asked before.

Why do you do this?
I hadn't really ever thought about that even though it's such a basic question.

My answer is as follows:cerritos-parking-permit-court-reporting-school.jpg

The #1 Reason I Go Around And Give Speeches To Court Reporters
It's fun. Period. If it wasn't fun, then I doubt I would go through the trouble of travelling all over California -- schlepping it -- just to get up there and flap my lips for an hour and then leave.

The #2 Reason I Go Around And Give Speeches To Court Reporters
It's a way to give back. I can remember that several CSRs and upper speed students and Qualified CSR candidates came to my school during my formative years. I can recall that Robert Short, CSR made a huge impression on me. Contrary to his name, by the way, he's like six feet 13 or something crazy. Very nice guy.

Also, I remember when Nancy Holly, CSR visited my theory class. I can remember feeling very encouraged by her as I fumbled around the steno keys. [Nancy has her own agency, by the way. I've heard nothing but positive and excellent feedback about Nancy's agency -- Coast Court Reporters.]court-reporter-success-in-cerritos-california.jpg

In Conclusion
If I were a court reporting student looking to find a court reporting program in the Southern California area that is both successful as well as very friendly, Cerritos College of Court Reporting would be on my short list.If you're a CSR and you wish to give back to the court reporting community by spending an afternoon with future CSRs -- and the future of court reporting in California -- then I'd suggest calling Cerritos up and getting over there to share your war stories and professional feedback for them. It's so worth it and they really will appreciate it. Speaking of which -- another first -- they actually gave me a gift bag as an appreciation present. I got a coffee mug, a cap, and a calendar all emblazoned with the Cerritos Court Reporting logo. How totally cool. I'm always up for free stuff!!japanese-court-reporting-keyboard.jpgGood luck students of Cerritos Court Reporting! I can't wait to come back next time!


PS. Check out this Japanese Keyboard steno diagram to the right. I've never seen such a thing but that's just the sort of thing that Cerritos has hanging on their walls. Totally cool! PPSS. - Here is some information about our deposition suite for court reporting located in the city of Cerritos, California:

CerritosCerritos Tower18000 StudebakerSuite 700Cerritos, California 90703(888) 566-0253Schedule a Court Reporter Cerritos CA
This Todd Olivas & Associates conference suite is located in Cerritos Corporate Plaza allowing each access to the Riverside (91) and San Gabriel (605) freeways . Located Next to Los Cerritos Shopping Mall with Nordstrom, Macy’s, Robinsons May and Sears. One Block North of the Cerritos Auto Mall. Convenient to Restaurants and Banking. Mountain Views. A friendly, highly trained staff is on hand to provide a multitude of deposition support services on an as-needed basis.Schedule a Court Reporter Cerritos CA

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Todd Olivas

Todd Olivas is a court reporter and entrepreneur.
He founded TO&A in 2003.

  Comment by Jodi Harmon | Sunday, January 27, 2008
Best of luck to all the students at Cerritos Court Reporting School!

Your reference to the Japanese steno keyboard caught my eye (on Google) since I’m in Japan. If anyone would like more photos or information about Japanese court reporters and their fascinating system, please feel free to contact me.

Jodi Harmon, President
American Realtime Court Reporters/Japan

  Comment by Micki England | Tuesday, January 8, 2008
Happy New Year Todd!

The Court Reporting Club at Cerritos College is always looking for guest speakers to inspire and encourage our students. You were sensational! I have only heard possitive comments about your visit and we would love to have you come and speak at one of our club meetings in the near future.

Karen Woods, our club president, and I have already begun scheduling guest speakers for the spring semester and hope you will be able to pencil us into your busy schedule. Hope to hear from you real soon.

God Bless,
Micki England, Court Reporting Club Advisor

  Comment by Micki England | Tuesday, January 8, 2008
I look forward to hearing from you real soon!


  Comment by Vykki Morgan | Thursday, December 13, 2007

I have to admit it. I am a blogging “virgin”. I have been soooooo busy teaching and preparing teaching material, I haven’t had a chance to ever, ever, ever read a blog! So you are my first And what a way to start! Thank you for the glowing review. We work really hard at making Cerritos the best court reporting program we can and we are really glad when it shows! We truly enjoyed your visit and look forward to keeping in touch with you and checking your website and reading your blogs in the future. How do you find the time? So now I’ve got to figure out what’s up with this blogging and how it works. (And how people find the time.) Thank you, Todd!

  Comment by Lyn Rubenstein | Saturday, January 31, 2009
I am the owner of a 43-year-old nationwide court reporting firm, Lyn Rubenstein & Associates, located in Philadelphia, PA. I was a court reporter for 36 of those years. I have some comments for recent graduates or students about to embark on our field. Court reporting can be an extremely stressful profession, but also wonderful. You will work 70-80 hours a week on many occasions. Remember, we are THE person who has the most responsibility. We must make sure every transcript is accurate. We deal with the lives of people, whether in civil or criminal litigation, and our work, punctuation and words, must be correct. Our profession is intellectually fulfilling; we have cases involving medicine, maritime terminology and commercial litigation, words that are foreign to the average person. A physician in an emergent situation has 15-30 seconds to survey the situation. A reporter has less than a second for a word to be heard and for our fingers to then type that word. We are great! In addition to a life`s learning experience, like no other career, it is also financially rewarding. In these economic times, everyone wants a stable career.
  Comment by Michelle | Friday, February 27, 2009
I went to court reporting school and the stress was too much. Although I did graduate my mental health was at risk due to the stress so I quit after only 3 months. I have long taken care of my mental health for over 11 years now and am functioning fine. I was wondering if the stress ever goes away once you feel comfortable under your own skin after a few years of experience or is it always extremely intence. I am considering going back to court reporting school and will not be in a class setting but a work-at-your-own pace setting. I don`t want to be a pestimist but now I`m in an economic situation where I need that kind of money or at least some other alternative of using my steno besides depositions. Please, respond with your honest opinion. Thanks so much.

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