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Court Reporting Services | What we do


Need a court reporter for your next deposition? We've got just the right one! We only work with the best of the best court reporters around. All have the required state or national requirements (of course), but we look beyond just the resume to ensure your deposition experience is the best it can be by matching you up with reporters who are professional and experienced.


From the transcript to the trial using the latest technologies, we have been facilitating depositions for law firms since 2003.

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We have over a 21 years of experience fine-tuning our process to ensure that your deposition goes off without a hitch. You have a deposition, we have the connection with the best local reporters. Give us a call.

With up-to-date technology, TO&A matches the best freelance court reporters with your depositions so your case flows smoothly.

  • Passionate about what we do

    We are proud to be a growing company excited and expert at providing quality court reporters to our clients.

    As a court reporter owned company, Todd Olivas & Associates cares about each and every client experience. Mr. Olivas, CSR #12237, is a non-reporting, licensee in good standing with the Court Reporters Board of California. (Read Todd's court reporting blog)

  • Transcripts and technology

    We think we're pretty good at providing excellent court reporters who produce excellent transcripts. Do you need condensed transcripts, exhibit scanning, e-transcript, daily or rough drafts? No problem!

    More and more, our clients require more advanced court reporting services. Accordingly, we have stepped up the pace and provide court reporters who offer the following services on an as-requested basis:

    - Real Time
    - Teleconference Depositions
    - Document Depository

  • What we offer

    - Got a deposition? We'll send a local Certified Court Reporter who can provide any of the following:
    - Instant Transcripts/Realtime
    - E-Transcript
    - Condensed Transcripts
    - Document Imaging & Copying
    - Litigation Support
    - LiveNote
    - And more!

  • Why chose us?

    "Let's get real for a moment. There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to picking a court reporting agency. Why chose us? I like to think it's the level of personal detail that we strive to maintain with our clients that makes the difference. Give us a shot and see if we're not your next favorite agency to work with."

    - Todd Olivas

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