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Let Todd Olivas & Associates be your legal videography agency of choice! We are experts at providing legal videographers for your depositions. Need any of the following? Forensic video, courtroom video, legal video, deposition videos -- you name it -- we'll send the right videographer to handle it all for you!

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Videography Services

- We will match you up with the best freelance videographer in your area
- Video Depositions
- Mock Trials
- Scenes of Accidents
- "Day-in-the life" mini documentaries
- Proof of damages
- Wills on video
- Insurance fraud caught on tape
- Video synch

Why TO&A?

Capturing video of a deponent to be played in front of a judge and jury provides powerful evidence. People's use of body language and tone of voice are all but lost when reading a transcript. We'll provide you with a freelance legal videographer to capture that compelling audio and visual narrative to help your discovery.

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"I find this service very convenient. "
-Michael Mertens
Belsky & Associates