(Part 4) 3 Things You Absolutely Must Do To Get a Raise

My daughter (age 9) consistently asks for a raise in her allowance. The 7-Eleven slurpy machine calls her by name, apparently. I always ask her, “Why should I give you the money?” She ponders for a while and then gives me a sweet little smile. “Because?”

So we head to the slurpy machine.

The negotiation tactics that work for a kid on her parent, don’t necessarily translate to the work place. You probably think that you should get that raise from your law firm…. Because you work hard. Because you put in many hours. Because, because, because!

Of course, those things (hard work and long hours) are very important. However, they in and of themselves are not enough to justify giving you a raise. Most law firms that I go to in my travels as a court reporter and agency owner I find a consistent factor over and over. Most managers are waaaaay too busy with their own case loads and office tasks to pay attention to the hard work and long hours that you do.


Unless you let them know! You have to tell them what you’re up to. You have to let them know the value you are bringing to the firm and how it benefits the firm’s profit level.

Take a good look around. Who are the people in your firm who do get praise, the rewards, the raises? Typically, I’ve noticed that those who toot their own horns a little (not in an annoying conceited way but with humility) are the ones who also talk about the value they are bringing to the firm.So talk it up out there!

to be continued…
Thursday, May 24, 2007

Todd Olivas

Todd Olivas is a court reporter and entrepreneur.
He founded TO&A in 2003.

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