Top 10 Things Reporters Should Remember When Turning in Jobs

Fill out your worksheet correctly
Always make sure you have your information correct: Case name, Deponents, Attorneys, etc.

Have all information correct on order form
When the attorneys are filling out the order form, inform us if they have any specifications. For example, the quantity, if they just want an e-tran or a mini, a copy of the video, etc.

Inform us of special exhibits
For example, if there are two sided exhibits, color exhibits, plans, or anything in the exhibits that require our insight.

When mailing in exhibits...
Please include your worksheet or anything indicating what you have sent, make sure you have marked your exhibits, when we can expect your e-tran, if the job is expedited, or any information that would be beneficial to us.

Californian/Arizonian reporters: we have some of your certs. All other state reporters, please make sure you send in your certs with your exhibits and worksheets. (If you are sending it through email make sure you have also included your certs.) Donít forget to sign them.

Reporter Instructions
Be clear and detailed if you have specific instructions for the Production Department. For example, attorney Mr. X wants the unmarked documents to be added to his transcript but not on the remaining attorneys. Please mail back the unmarked documents to witness Ms. ABC at the address provided below. Or Exhibit 145- Please make a copy and send original back to witness. You get the picture...

Please Turn In Jobs on a Timely Matter
We arenít saying to Rush on them but our turnaround time to our clients is 14 days. So give yourself enough time to complete your job and send it to us.

Upload Your Job
Make sure you upload your job to our system. You should have received an email with upload instructions.  Refer to that email for the proper place on our website.

Always Double Check Your Work
Double check to make sure everything is in order and set to go.

Please Call If You Have Questions
Donít feel as if you canít call us. Give us a call (888) 566-0253 if you have any questions or concerns.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Todd Olivas

Todd Olivas is a court reporter and entrepreneur.
He founded TO&A in 2003.

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