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Court Reporting Logan UT

Logan UT court reporting Welcome to Logan! We're proud to have access to one of the best deposition-taking environments anywhere in town. If you're looking for a deposition suite that facilitates a quality court reporting, interpreting and videography service -- look no further!

Surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains, the University Inn in Logan, UT is nestled into the beautiful campus of Utah State University (USU) overlooking charming Cache Valley, Utah, and is home to the TO&A University Court Reporting Suites. The University Inn and our Court Reporting Suites offer warm hospitality, a relaxing atmosphere, state-of-the-art audiovisual technology, and an abundance of beautiful scenery. Our fully furnished conference/deposition rooms and our professional litigation staff can handle all your court reporting needs. Logan offers entertainment, many fine restaurants, and need we mention the great outdoors? Whether your associates need to kick back a bit, or kick it up a notch, you`ll find the TO&A University Court Reporting Suites the perfect surroundings for a successful conference!
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Logan Court Reporter

5005 Old Main Hill
Logan,  Utah  84322
(888) 566-0253 Toll-free
(951) 848-0789 Fax

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* Unless specically stated, we are not physically at this location. We book these rooms on an as-needed basis on your behalf. This location may have a rental fee and some depositions may require an initial deposit. Please contact us for a quote.

* TO&A employs no court reporters, interpreters or videographers of our own. The providers we send are fully qualified and reliable independent contractors.
"Five Stars.The ability to download the transcript/exhibits is also a big plus! Thank you."
-Dawn McGinty
Grant Fridkin Pearson Athan & Crown
How to Schedule
To schedule a Logan Court Reporter, please schedule online or call (888) 566-0253. We'll provide you with a freelance court reporter, interpreter, and videographer in Logan, Utah. The court reporters we send are state licensed (where applicable), and always prompt and courteous. Our goal is your complete satisfaction which is why we only work with the best court reporters available. Our interpreters are all certified, all languages -- and be sure to tell us which dialect you need if it's an exotic language.

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Cancellation Policy
We know how it goes. Sometimes it's necessary to cancel your deposition. Cancel without obligation up to 48 business hours prior to the deposition upon WRITTEN NOTICE. However, due to financial obligations incurred by Todd Olivas & Associates, cancellations under 48 business hours will be billed at the prevailing cancellation rates. To request cancellation, please submit a Cancellation Request via fax, or e-mail.
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